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Business Growth

Reach the Customer

Businesses can enhance their customer reach with FocusPay. Merchants can equip their sales agents (attendants) with FocusPay enabled phones to process card payments at the customer’s doorstep. A solution with the capability to swipe the card, print and email a receipt assures customers with a traditional retail experience and a sense of security and comfort. Watch your customer satisfaction grow with FocusPay.


Multi Device Payment Solution

FocusPay allows a merchant to use a mixture of mobile devices for their payment solution. Sales agents are free to use any of the supported devices they prefer, leveraging the device agnostic payment processing capability of FocusPay.


Fully Customizable Framework

TF Payment Solutions framework comes with several customizable components like the management portal, Email system, transaction interfaces and so on to enable our Resellers and White Label customers to define their solution in their own brand incorporating their business processes.


Advanced Integration Methods

FocusPay payment platform provides a versatile XML based API for industry vertical solution providers to integrate a robust payment platform into their solution. With a highly customizable and extensible interface, new services can be very easily built into the platform to enable the solution vendors to offer a complete and niche solution to their customer base.


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