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How it Works

FocusPay for Merchants – How to Get Started

Merchants can take their business ON THE GO with FocusPay in 5 simple steps.

Do you need a new merchant account ?
We can assist you in getting a new merchant account at very competitive rates with one of our partner merchant service providers.

Wish to use an existing merchant account ?
Gather a few details from your existing merchant account processor and we will set it up for you with FocusPay.

Our sales associates will help you build your FocusPay solution to suite your business needs.

Choose from various card swipe and printer device options available for your smartphone. A suitable card swipe device will enable you to process card-present transactions.


Decide on how many sales agents will be processing transactions for your business. Our sales associates will help you choose the right number based on your business model.

Equip your sales agents (attendants) with FocusPay enabled smartphones.


FocusPay for Merchants – POS Application Demo
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