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The exponential growth of smartphones and smart mobile devices such as iPads, tablets and NetBooks has paved the way for an explosion of industry vertical niche solutions in the years to come. No matter what these solutions are specialized in, a common requirement at the end of a business transaction is to process payments.

With an extensible framework and an easy to integrate XML interface, the FocusPay platform brings the power of payment processing to solution providers across all domains. With FocusPay handing the payment processing, the application vendor can focus on what they do best, and handle the industry specific business processes.

FocusPay for solution integrators enables them to bring a complete solution into the market in their own brand.

A Versatile Payment Platform
FocusPay is a payment solution built utilizing the robust and versatile TF Payment Solution framework. The FocusPay XML API, available for solution integrators, will provide an easy interface to a powerful payment platform that can be seamlessly blended into their solution.
Simple Integration Methods
FocusPay API provides an easy way to bring payment acceptance capability to any industry vertical solution. Solution vendors can easily leverage the powerful TF Payment Solution framework to bring payment processing to their solution in their own brand.
Fully Customizable Framework
FocusPay is built on our versatile TF Payment Solutions Framework. The framework comes with several customizable components like the management portal, Email system, transaction interfaces and many more to enable solution providers to define their solution in their own brand incorporating their business processes.
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Apply Online
All potential Integrators are invited to apply online from our website so we can gain a better understanding of your interest in FocusPay. A channel manager will be in contact with you shortly after receiving your application to discuss the Integrators program in more detail.
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