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Today’s payment industry is full of choices and a merchant is always on the lookout for convenient, cost efficient and business friendly payment solutions. A secure, cost effective and swipe card mobile payment solution will attract existing merchants to expand their business reach as well as mobile merchants to deliver a true retail experience to their customer base. FocusPay is designed to achieve those results and bring the power and convenience of mobilty into the hands of the merchants.

Adding FocusPay to the solution portfolio, Merchant Service Providers or Independent Sales organizations will be able to expand their footprint with existing merchant base as well as attract a whole new segment of mobile merchants and small business owners. Our reseller programs are designed to enable generation of additional revenue streams with a no cost entry barrier.With a flexible platform, ISOs/MSPs can choose the solution they would prefer to sell based on their existing business models.

Resellers can also take it a notch higher with our White labeling program and bring out a mobile solution in your own brand. Our prgram helps you to build on the assurance and trust that your brand name has already established.

FocusPay Offers You:

Multi Gateway Support
The FocusPay platform provides integrations with multiple payment gateways. As the list of supported gateways / processors grows, ISO/MSPs will have numerous venues for supporting merchants of varied business profiles.
Fully Customizable Framework
FocusPay is built on our versatile TF Payment Solutions Framework. The framework comes with several customizable components like the management portal, Email system, transaction interfaces and many more to enable our Resellers and White Label customers to define their solution in their own brand incorporating their business processes.
Transaction Audit Trail
A payment transaction is tracked and recorded at every step of the way to create a powerful audit trail. Given a particular payment transaction, the system has enough information to pull all the associated transactions into an audit report.
Card Based Switching
FocusPay backed with the powerful TF Payment solutions framework, can intelligently route a payment transaction to a chosen gateway/processor based on the card type.
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Apply Online
All potential resellers are invited to apply online from our website so we can gain a better understanding of your interest in FocusPay. A channel manager will be in contact with you shortly after receiving your application to discuss the reseller program in more detail.
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